BWM Freestyle 5.9 Renovation By Cornelius

BWM Freestyle 5.9 Renovation

I've been working part-time on this project boat for over a year now. I rebuilt one of the two engines, giving it a complete overhaul.
The Rib was also given a paint job and retrofitted with a new instrument console to accommodate for more equipment.
It was fitted with all new wiring, adding a fuel gauge, switchgear, USB charger, GPS VHF radio, plotter with Downvu transducer, compass, two bilge pumps, deck pump, bow ballast tank pump and tank inspection hatch.
I also made and fitted a new wind deflector and painted the patches on the Hypalon tubes red with a new trunk etc.
When winter arrives I will paint the 140hp Tohatsu 2 stroke! It's getting there slowly... not bad for a 90s rib... one of four prototypes made by BWM ribs.


Renovation By Cornelius
West coast of Scotland 

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