The Project Boat Competition – 2020

WIN A £250 ASAP supplies Voucher

Boat Renovation People are collaborating with ASAP supplies in a quest to find the UK and Irelands number one boat renovator 2020. To enter this free competition simply submit a before and after photo of your project boat, along with a short description and model.   

All entries will be added to the BRP website, providing they meet the criteria*.  The winner will receive a £250 voucher to be spent with ASAP supplies. With over 12,000 dedicated products for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, they’ll rapidly get your project back on track.

What we are looking for.

Before and after photos of your project boat,  drastic transformations, not limited to a finished project but emphasis on change. It can either be one area in progress or a project boat in its entirety. 

Before and after photographs of an adapted cruiser renovation.

Who Can Apply - Criteria

Non-commercial boat renovators, restorators, backyard enthusiasts, DIYers, mavericks, jacks-of-all-trades. We are not looking for the person who’s chucked the most money at a boat, but instead the most resourceful, creative, original, innovative boat project. Imagine a boat that was one step away from the scrapyard, and was restored against all odds.  Or a sunken shipwreck that has been given a new lease of life. At boat renovation people it’s not about breaking out another thousand, it’s about working hard to achieve your dream project boat.

Terms And Conditions

Photos; 1-4 before Photos, 1-4 After Photos. High quality. 

A Short Description: of your project boat, a minimum of 50 words maximum of 200. Don't worry if you're not Shakespeare we're just looking for someone with the renovation skills.

No Cheating: All entries will be checked, vetted and cross-searched.Anyone caught cheating will be keel hauled.

Submissions: This is a UK and Ireland only competition, don't worry there will be more! All submissions by email only. All submissions will be added to the BRP website along with the description.


The Project Boat Competition 2020 is now closed.  Don't worry they'll be more.

Submit to the competition

Register here  first then Email [email protected]


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Entries So Far

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Reinke Yacht

5 thoughts on “The Project Boat Competition – 2020”

  1. David Galston
    Restored a hunter 19 found in a wet shed on Windermere will post pics on Facebook

  2. Hey Johnathan, thank you for pointing that out. It’s the 24th of June. Winner to be announced after, are you looking to enter ?

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