USB Fast Chargers Onboard

Whether it's a motor cruiser or a sailboat having protruding USB devices in a cockpit or wheelhouse is a bad idea. In the modern age It's important that these devices can't be damaged mid-voyage,  especially when they are being relied upon for navigation.

In this video, Alex runs us through some of the common USB devices found onboard with an emphasis on proper placement in a sailboat environment.


Sourcing And Quality

The issue with purchasing cheap USB sockets from online vendors like Amazon and Ebay is your not quite sure of the quality. Typically a fast charge USB socket may have lots of positive reviews online. This doesn't necessarily mean it's a good product. In fact, the majority of the time the people reviewing the products haven't truly tested them in the marine environment.  They'll use them indoors, in vans and trailers were they aren't susceptible to the elements.

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Always consider the rating that a USB fast charger can provide.  Higher amps means more power to your device. Just make sure the device can handle it and ALWAYS fuse and wire appropriately.


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