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Ever wondered how to get your boat looking as shiny and swish, as it did brand new? Turns out this reader knows how!

Meet Brian;, currently residing in Greenport, Long Island. Brian bought a 1984 checkmate enchanter speed boat last year from a family friend for $1000. The boat looked like it had been sitting around since 1985 so it was time for him to give it a new lease of life. As it was his first time restoring a boat he decided to enlist his uncle to guide him through the restoration. One part of the restoration that we at BRP particularity liked was his compound polishing and how he managed to take his boat from scrap yard to box fresh!


Brian –  “I used to see the boat when I was a kid and always wanted it. It was sitting a long time. Everyone told me it wasn’t worth it but I wanted that boat.” 











Compound Polishing

Louis – I can see you’ve got some top-notch polishing skills; how did you do it?

Brian – “With my first attempt I tried a basic compound and polish but the oxidation came back pretty quick, I wasn’t happy with the results”


Louis – Okay dish the dirt! Which product did you use first?

Brian – “Meguiars; a popular auto polish “

Louis – So what did work?

Brian – So what I found worked was;


1. Wet sand using 800 grit wet and dry sandpaper.  For this, I used a  Porta Cable DA sander 7346sp with Mirka foam padsAfter the 800 grit sand you want to progress to a 1000 and finally a 2000 grit pad.

2. Next is compound buffing. For this, I used 3m’s super duty compound with Makita buffing wheel.

3. Use a buffing wheel and 3m finesse-it.

4. The finale! Apply 3m’s Ultra Performance paste wax by hand.

Louis – Thanks for sharing your method, Brian I could see my face in that beauty!


Compound Polishing

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What’s Your Method is a collection of tutorials submitted by readers. If you have a method or tip you want to share with BRP, get in touch and tell us about your project!


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