Evening folks, the first actual boat parts are starting to come off the lathe, took me a while to get used to it and still not perfect but this Cutlass bearing should do the job very nicely. I still need to cut groves in to the internal diameter to allow water to lubricate and cool it and haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to do it yet it may just be a case of hand filing them.
    The design stages are well underway for the other lathe projects including a hall effect throttle lever for the motor and a phospher bronze stuffing box. I’m really looking forward to making these parts as they’ve been a nightmare to source off the shelf and more major items that can be ticked off the list!
    It’s nice to have some inside projects on the table as the area around merganser is currently flooded resulting in the cradle has shifting slightly so all my levels and datum points need resetting before trying to build anything resembling a flat surface! On the plus side all the rain we’ve had only resulted in a few inches of water in the bilge over 5 weeks, given the state of the companion way and that I haven’t sealed the forward hatch yet I’m calling that a win!