Evening all 🙂 had a productive day re shaping the main deck beam a touch, I decided it would look nicer and give an extra 30mm of headroom with more of a curve on the bottom.
    The iroko for cladding the ply beam and making the dual compression posts has been ordered and I think the darker wood will look fantastic against the white painted bulkhead and fittings.
    There’s still quite a lot to do before the main bulkhead goes in, I need to:
    Decide how wide to set the posts apart
    Cut the old hatch out and put a reinforcement in and laminate it (need the weather to relax a bit for this).
    Put the strengthening plates to spread the load from the chain plates and boatlegs across the two new bulkheads.
    Build the section that transfers the load from the posts to the keel (this will dictate floor height).
    So lots to do in the next few weeks!