I’ve spent the evening doodling a rough idea for the internal structure around the legs and chainplates before popping it into the computer for a stress test. They wouldn’t really be used if there was a ridiculous swell as that would probably damage the keel so the loads on them are just to stop the boat falling over. That said I like a bit of over engineering around the chainplates. Originally the chain plates were just bolted through the hull, it’s 9mm thick in that area so most of what I’m trying to do is limit flex inwards and twist rather than take the entire weight of the boat. Looking forward to making the lathe earn it’s keep on the delrin bits, it’s so satisfying to machine. The only real downside to delrin as an engineering plastic is nothing sticks to it including epoxy so a mechanical fixing and sealant is needed. On the plus side, I can carry a spare and swap it out if one gets damaged