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      Hurray! The first of the keel weights has been lifted out, what a faff! Had to use the 2t jack to break them free and then the keel lifter for the tempest did a splendid job of the main lift. Elizabeth operated the winch expertly! This is such a relief as I was running scenarios involving cutting the side of the keel off. So to the results… I’m really happy to find out that all this needed doing! There was so much crap in the tiny gap between the ballast and hull and some evidence of internal osmosis blisters, the plan going forward is clean the recently vacated area and slide the next one forward and clean that area, once it’s all cleaned and the osmosis delt with, a layer of glass and epoxy paint will finish the repairs, I’m still pondering how to re encapsulate the ballast, I’m thinking about a dense 2 part polyurethane foam but more research is needed, that’s it for now!

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