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      I’ve finally accepted the fact that I don’t currently have the time to write lengthy articles or blog posts. I’ve decided with this project I can create a way to upload images and short descriptions of what exactly goes into the renovation of a boat.
      I guess we can call it a diary.

      To begin with, this is Morwenna, she is a 36ft Atlantic Clipper. She was abandoned in Bristol harbour before being put up for auction.  Some of you readers out there might have thought of bidding on her, you’ll be glad you didn’t.

      She was purchased in the auction by a young lad, with plenty of enthusiasm but not much knowledge. He enlisted the help of myself and Captain Bod to help move her. Bristol harbour at the time were evicting the boats that had been won in the auction, post lockdown it was up for us to tow Morwenna out of the harbour and up the Avon to a tidal mooring. We borrowed a dual-engine wooden motor cruiser from a friend and went about our rescue mission.

      There she sat on the mooring and a year passed and the once enthusiastic owner gave up and sold her on. The new owner, Jeb wanted to turn her into a liveaboard and took her on as a project. Some months later whilst on her mooring she had been pinned down by a Navy vessel, and sank. With some shifting of boats we managed to move her onto a safer mooring but it was too late, the engine had gone under. Unfortunately, the perils of post-lockdown Brittian zapped that idea and it was once again time for the boat to come up for sale.

      This is where I came in, you see buying a boat is a bit like the coin machines at the arcades. If you buy a boat at the right time in the right condition and flip her you could actually make a reasonable living. I unfortunately am the tosser who goes and changes a £20 note into 2ps and loses the lot. Perhaps I am an auto-masochist, or maybe I just like the challenge I’ll never really know. Well long story short, I recently deemed my project boat Chopper – finished so naturally, it’s time for a new boat project.

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