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      Ahhh the joys of restoring boats! I cracked the old cutless bearing off the propshaft to measure up for the new one and it turns out the old one has somehow expanded and coupled with debris has done a splendid job of lapping a significant amount of the propshaft. After weighing up the options and given that there are a number of boat projects that it would be ideal for I’ve decided to add a small lathe to my arsenal, the bar stock to make a new shaft is about £100 so if I ruin the shaft attempting the welded repair making a new one won’t sting that much but I’m pretty confident after chatting to a few folks who have done this exact repair on a similar machine as long as I don’t let too much heat into it and take the cuts really slowly it’ll be fine. The tube shown is the old stern gland, I’m not really sure what to do with this, they’re pretty terrible and end up throwing grease everywhere and letting it get into the water which is not ideal. I may end up making a new stuffing box style one on the lathe as a little side project. To get something ticked off the list the 2nd knee has gone in and completed the support for the removed bulkhead. As Autumn is very much upon us now most of the exterior work (lots not documented) is pretty much on hold now, the focus over winter is going to be getting the motor installed and building the interior.

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