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      It’s not quite been the summer we planned for has it? Merganser has had to take a bit of a back seat this season because my lovely partner and I thought it’d be a good idea to try and buy a house and that’s turned in to quite the expensive saga!
      We’ve been doing bits and bobs for the various boats but more in a maintenance aspect. Last weekend we decided that we needed to make some progress and thought getting a few hours in on the V-berth was the way to go.

      So here’s what we did, first off I realised that I’d forgotten to account for needing a mattress (glad Lizzy pointed that one out before we got too much further!!) so we sliced 3″ off the top of the existing bulkheads. The tacklife mini circular saw really came into its own for this and a small woodsaw got the last little bits. We then used a laser to project the level of the bed along the hull to intersect a line drawn through the fwd shrouds to mark up where the end would be.

      We’re going for a cut-out design with a portable composting toilet stowed in the cut out section to recover some space and reduce complexity. We affixed a straight bit of wood across the beam to mark the end of the bed and provide a reference for templates of the end sections.

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