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      I’m not quite sure how to start this one! The hull isn’t actually bonded to the deck… For the non boaty among you this is a bad thing. So once again progress has been knocked back to get this fixed luckily I found this at a point before I started covering the access to it from the inside so it’s a long but relatively easy task. So I’ve started prepping the surfaces for enough 5200 marine sealant to float a boat (see what I did there?) This has definitely been one of the more interesting design choices I’ve found! In other news, I’ve decided to reinforce the chain plates with some 6mm ply on the inside as the holes showed evidence of stress and i count the masty holdy uppy ropes as an integral part of staying dry off shore! That’s about it for this one, thanks to my visitors over the weekend and it’s probably a good time to buy shares in 3M Adhesives!

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