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      Evening folks! It’s been the cars MOT month so not much done on the boat in the last 2 weeks, I have got the stern tube adaptor finished and ordered up the next lot of glass.
      The bi-ax is just for general tabbing and laminating and the combination mat is going to be used as a single polyester resin layer to reinforce the hull from the inside, I made a bit of a mess grinding the paint off so I’d feel better by adding a bit of strength in the high load bow area. The combi mat is perfect for areas I need to build laminate thickness and for a couple of vacuum bag projects I have in mind (thanks to Sav for lending me the kit!)

      I’ve also wired up a pair of 400w halogen floodlights to stick on a pole to illuminate the area around the boat, I really can’t get on with LED for wide area floods, I find the light really harsh for detail working with power tools.

      That’s it for this week

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