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      Hi folks! It’s been a while, the car is far more broken than I expected so all my time and funds have been diverted in that direction. I did manage to scrounge a lift to see the old girl last night and check over base camp and the Tempest as she’s still out on her mooring and all is well. One big surprise was the 3″ of water in mergansers bildge… I was half expecting to have to go swimming to pump rain water out, this means one of 2 things: 1. I did an excellent job of sealing the deck back up; 2. I did a crappy job of sealing the keel back up!
      Highlights for the month… Most of the old engine has now been sold, I’ve started learning to weld aluminium with limited success but notable improvement, I’ve decided on a colour scheme and finally settled on the design for the solar panel arch and hard Dodger. Hopefully we’ll be back to business as usual soon!

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