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      Evening folks, I thought I posted this on Monday but the sun obviously pickled my noodle. Update time! The next bit of bow core is in, huzzah! This was a particularly important bit as it’s the main load bearing area for the foredeck. We started by using the tracksaw (I need to give it a name, all the best tools have names) to cut part way through the 19mm ply to make it bendy then stuck it to the roof with enough thickened epoxy to un-sink a battleship. We also got the Tempest back on its mooring and non driving Lizzy did a wonderful job of launching the boat without turning the 4×4 into a submarine. The carashed was pretty much emptied and it’s now considerably tidier and a much more efficient workshop. I got a couple of ballpark quotes for getting the hull soda blasted and while there was a whopping £1.7k difference between the highest and lowest I’ve decided that I’ll just buy a semi industrial setup and do it myself, might not be perfect but this is Merganser and DIY is the order of the day!

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