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      Evening folks, we’ve actually done some work on the boat!! So here’s the templating and manufacturing of the main support beam for replacing the front bulkhead. It’s a laminated construction with 2x 19mm ply spans with 2 layers of 600gm bi-axial glass Matt forming the center, this makes sure the interface between the 2 pieces of wood have a controlled amount of resin when heavily clamped. Once the bits had bonded I did another test fit and marked up some areas to modify (repeat several times). When happy I used the router to put a 45deg chamfer in the top and a nice round over on the bottom. On to a pre coat of unthickened epoxy, left to soak in a while then another precoat on the beam and inside the hull. Then a short wait to let the epoxy go tacky. Thickened epoxy was slavered over the beam being sure to fill the 45deg chamfer for extra surface area (no pics of this, imagine a right old sticky mess as I dropped the beam halfway through and fumbled to catch). After the coating it was propped into place before lifting the deck and driving the props in harder before then letting the deck settle on the beam to ensure it takes the right shape and the epoxy squeezes out evenly. Pretty happy with this one folks! Next up is 2x knees (fancy word for bracket) to take the load of the beam down into the hull sides to tie it all together.

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