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      Evening folks and welcome to the newbies 🙂 progress has been a bit sporadic recently with a lot of bouncing between different sub projects as weather permits. I’ve had a lot of things to iron out with the electric drive so I’ve been spending a lot of time in CAD land trying out and stress modeling various ideas before buying the parts I need to make it work. The good news is I’ve settled on a design now and parts are slowly trickling in from China and Europe and hopefully the motor will be ready to fit in the next few weeks. Today I spent a few hours fitting the first of the knees that will be supporting the deck where the bulkhead has been removed and I’m really happy with how it came out despite some very creative clamping! I just need to get the other one in the same orientation. (Did I mention I’m going for a rustic feel?) With the cuddy that was installed a few weeks ago and the new thick deck core these knees are doing very little in the way of deck support but they will make nice ends to the shelves and useful grab handles in choppy weather, nothing wrong with slightly overbuilding 🙂

      In other news I made some new transom flaps for my step dad’s new (to him) scorpion dinghy.

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