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      Evening folks, well if you hadn’t guessed the weather has been somewhat hampering progress recently. Unfortunately the work that needs to be done to go forward needs the humidity and temperature to behave itself for a few days and that just doesn’t seem to be on the cards at the moment! I’ve mostly been scribbling down ideas for the cabin layout and looking at very shiny electronics, mostly the airmar 200WX ultrasonic windamajig (masthead wind sensor) pretty cool bit of kit loaded with 10hz GPS, Barometer, fluxgate compass, rate gyros, accelrometers and no moving parts for the seagulls to break, bit of an upfront cost but cheaper than buying separate sensors, I think one may be in Mergansers future. I’m all for trying newer tech when it has a decent warranty and less cabling! I’ve also sent emails to Garmin, B&G and Raymarine to see if they have any plans to have an NMEA 2K compliment modules for monitoring electric drives, would be ace if I could get the range data on the chart plotter using the other sensors as feedback. Hopefully we’ll get a bit more done this weekend, I knew buying 30l of epoxy was being optimistic! Link to the airmar for those interested in such things…

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