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      Not sure if you’ve read Louis article on the project boat I bought for £70 last year.
      Its covered in the Blog/boat restoration section.
      Anyways, I thought I was nearing completion. But oh no, its just like having a house, you add things and change bits and pieces around etc.
      I have just, popped in a gypsy wood burner, only a small item but doesn’t half belt out some heat. To meet Boat Safety Standards on Inland Waterways I had to adhere to some certain specs laid out in their guide.

      Hearth constructed of 1 concrete paving slab with calcium silicate board underneath, with a tiled lip at front, to prevent hot embers from dropping from ash pan onto floor when opening ash tray.
      Hearth surround was made from calcium silicate board with a 20mm gap for air flow between original panels and silicate boards. Then boards were covered with ceramic tiles.
      Flue was wrapped with Titanium exhaust protection (to protect furnishings in close proximity). Which allowed me to site burner closer to sides than if unprotected.
      Where flue passes though cabin ceiling, titanium wrap and fire rope was used.
      Top of cabin was plated with 6mm plate to accept flue.
      Job nearly done.
      Just rain hat to fit now.

      Oh, now the wife wants the fabric canopy removing, so will be busty building a new wheelhouse for summer.
      It never ends.
      But its great fun to do.
      Will post ongoing pics


        Wayne thanks for sharing this it looks/sounds amazing – do you possibly have any bigger photos that you could upload?


          2 edited photos now posted, hope it is clearer to see.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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