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      Evening folks! Got a few bits and bobs to report, starting with the glorious Pure Lead Carbon battery I’ve got to test, if this beauty lives up to it’s sales hype it’ll be joined by 9 of its friends, 8 as drive power and 2x as the house bank. The testing will consist of abusing the hell out of it as a battery for my electric outboard on the keelboat this season. In other news I’ve switched tasks for a little bit to get the tempest all lovely and try out a few new products and make it a bit more sporty cruising friendly. The main bit was fixing the glass around the forestay chain plate which was pulling away from the bulkhead and was very likely to have failed, it’s now been rebuilt with a ply backer and 6mm of chopped strand and biaxial laminate, faired off with west systems fairing compound. 2 new hatches in the rear fitted to enable better access to the depths of the lazerette and 2x spinlock rope jammers to help the crew manage the jib sheets.

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