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      I’m spending a few hours this evening sketching out my ideas for the new interior, the cad isn’t 100% accurate but it gives me a rough idea of if it’ll fit, I really want a table area I can work and we can play games, I did consider keeping the 1 big sofa / bed but as for the long distances it’ll just be the 2 of us I’d prefer the practicality, the table will drop down to form the base of a bed or a bench seat, the distance between the 2 bulkheads is approx 1800mm and I was going to design it so the doors on the under cabinets can lift up to widen the area for sleeping, a 40l waste water tank will fit under the smaller seat which will have a hatch in it for servicing. The quaterberth will stay as they are with a thin ply skin on the hull for asthetics.

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