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      Still no car to visit the boat but the end is in sight, it’s been in for the MOT and only failed on a few bits of corrosion which is easy to fix if this weather chills out enough the weld outdoors, retest booked so hopefully we’ll be back to the refit very soon! As we’re going electric I had a little think about what that means for ancillary items like heat and hot water that are traditionally supplied by a diesel heater and calorifier, as there will be no diesel onboard and no lovely hot coolant to scavenge heat from I’ve been designing a small solid fuel burner to act as a heater, kettle boiler and Heath Robinson (Google him) hot water provider. I should make this next bit a regular thing… TOOL OF THE WEEK! the tool of the week award goes to the new black and decker 13mm power file, this thing is fantastic for cleaning up weld and prepping surfaces! That’s it for now, I’m really hoping the next post will be an update on actually doing some boat work!

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