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      Sorry bit of a ramble this one! I’ve spent a few hours turning my random doodles into scale drawings and it looks like it will all fit! sizes of the various fittings and appliances are to scale and i’m using 18mm ply for the main bulkhead (twice the thickness of original) so that it can have the same support but be more of a hoop than a bulkhead to retain an open feel with curtains to close off the v-berth/sofa area. after much thought and some ridiculous maths I’ve decided the compression post is staying in and it’ll be used to hold up the table in the v-berth whilst in sofa config. The heads will be in a separate mini cabin along with provisions for hanging wet gear and that will have doors, probably 2 in a barn door style to save on space taken to open them. the core under the foredeck will also be 18mm (up from 2 rusty steel x beams) which will help spread the load on deck out to the hull with some 36mm ply knee joints glassed in where the old bulkhead was. the old hatch is being cut out and 6mm deck core added to replace any strength the moulded shape of the hatch added and provide more strength for the new turning blocks and mast cable fittings. the chain locker bulkhead will also be upgraded to 18mm and a chain plate added for an inner forestay to improve sail plan options in the future. the rest of the bulkheads and structural components will be 12mm and light duty components such as shelves and seat tops will be 6mm.

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