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      So work has officially began, you know it is official because I’m waking up at 5am unable to get back to sleep with engineers brain. I don’t do cad designs, I don’t really do much planning ether, just a rough idea that circulates my brain for a few weeks untill the problems are solved.

      I’ve started with the engine, the heart of the boat, research has shown its a Perkins 4107. A classic diesel inboard that has been used and abused since the 1980s. You’ll find these engines everywhere. I mean vans, lorries, tractors, boats, the scrap yard – everywhere.

      They’re bullet proof and the parts are still available to this day. My only problem is my 4107 looks like it came out of the Titanic. It’s as rotten as a pair, fucked starter, holey timing plate cover, rusty alternator, sieized. It’s a gonner, however for £500 I can get ex generator regularly serviced 4108. That’s the plan. That’s where I’m starting, I’m actually going to organise something.

      In all seriousness, you’ve got to weigh up reconditioning an engine yourself vs buying a reconditioned one. I know the pain of rebuilding two Volvo inboards and out drives too well. If you have then sometimes its worth spending the money. It would take me months to rebuild an inboard engine as an ameture, instead I can work and save for a better engine.


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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